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Collecting Backpacks & School Supplies


Last year the congregation gathered backpacks and school supplies for our local schools – Cottage Hill and Magnolia.  We provided a generic list of  supplies for both elementary and middle school, and you generously filled them so that students who needed some help with school supplies would be given a backpack by the principals and teachers who know them best.  We included a tag on each one letting them know that the backpacks were given with our love and good wishes for a happy and successful school year.

Beginning this Sunday, July 2, we will have lists of backpack supplies specific to each grade level from Kindergarten through grade 8.  If you would like to donate a backpack or work with a friend(s) to provide a backpack with supplies, please contact the office for the list.  You can choose whether you would like to do a backpack for a boy or a girl and also what grade level.  Our goal is to provide two backpacks per grade level, one for a boy and one for a girl.  This would mean that we would supply a total of 18 backpacks.

Last year, Pastor Joan and one of the Mission Committee members met with the superintendent  in August; he took the backpacks to his principals meeting and distributed them there.  He also wrote a thank you and took pictures with us so that he could share the donation with the community.  The gift was received with great appreciation.  The deadline for receiving the backpacks is Sunday July 23rd.