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extravagant generosity - the heart of giving

Extravagant Generosity Devotionals & Heart Cards

We are excited about our upcoming special church-wide emphasis called Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving that we pray will capture your heart, mind and soul. We have four Sundays planned, from September 16 to October 7, as we explore and celebrate matters of our hearts and the values of a purposeful life.

extravagant generosity devotionalAs a part of this time, we have a daily devotional guide, Practicing Extravagant Generosity: Daily Readings on the Grace of Giving. This guide will inspire your spirit as you explore its thought-provoking pages. To receive the most out of these upcoming weeks, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the guide from the church and begin using it for 28 days starting on Monday, September 10.

We have mailed out “Heart Cards” for you to complete each Sunday. These “love notes” will then be displayed around the Sanctuary. At our 5th Sunday Taco Bar Potluck on Sunday September 30, we will have a time to tell our own stories about generosity and how God has used our life experiences to touch our hearts and the hearts of others. You can also download the heart cards.