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How NOT to be a Disciple

6/26/16 – 8/7/16

The gospel writer Luke tells us in chapter 9 of the turning point in Jesus’ ministry where Jesus “set his face to go to Jerusalem.” Jesus makes the decision to go and nothing will ever be the same again. Everyone else has to learn what it means and none of them understand; nobody gets it. Over these five weeks, we will talk about how NOT to be a disciple, but as it not enough to just learn how NOT to follow the master, so this summer it will also be about how we are to finish his work. And the first lesson on our journey is that we set our face to go to Jerusalem with him.

June 26 – How not to Accept Jesus – Luke 9:51-62
July 3 – How not to Spread the Good News – Luke 10:1-11, 16-20
July 10 – How not to Inherit Eternal Life – Luke 10:25-37
July 17 – How not to Grow in Faith – Luke 10:38-42
Aug 7 – How to be a Disciple! – Luke 11:1-13

how to be a disciple

How to be a Disciple

How did you learn to pray? Who taught you? I think learning to pray is a life-long endeavor but my first memories were of being brought up in a Christian home. I’ve had many lessons in prayer since then, but at home and at Sunday School at my church were my first experiences! When the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray, Jesus offers a simple prayer – one that is profound and revolutionary! (Luke 11:1-13)

how not to grow in faith

How NOT to Grow in Faith

Mary is not helping Martha in the kitchen. She has vanished and Martha is getting frustrated and wants Mary’s help and finally in exasperation she bursts into the other room and blurts out, “Jesus, tell Mary to come to the kitchen. It is not fair that I have to do all the work on my own.” What would you decide? Do you side with Martha who is being a good hostess? Or with Mary who is breaking the cultural taboos and sitting at the feet of the Rabbi just like the men? (Luke 10:38-42)

how not to inherit eternal life

How NOT to Inherit Eternal Life

This is a well-known parable, so well-known that the word Good Samaritan is common parlance in our society. Lying in the road this week we have two dead black men and five dead police officers. Seeing these bodies at the side of the road, I feel like the Priest and the Levite wanting to pass by on the other side of the street. I wonder ‘what does it mean to be the Good Samaritan to those on the roadside this week?’ (Luke 10:25-37)

how not to spread the good news

How NOT to Spread the Good News

As United Methodists, we are not called to live out our faith in isolation. We promise in our membership vows to participate in the church’s ministries through our prayers, presence, gifts, service AND witness. We are supposed to talk about our faith and share the good news with others. Jesus says, “Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals”! In other words, travel light! How often do we end up taking more baggage with us than we need? It reminds me of that list of things you can’t take in your airplane luggage. There are some things that could be harmful to us or others. It is true in a higher sense too when we take our prejudice, hatred, resentment, and grievances along with us. (Luke 10:1-11, 16-20)

how not to accept jesus

How NOT to Accept Jesus

In the story we just heard, three people want to follow Jesus, but each of them has some reluctance, “I will follow you, but I need security, but I have other priorities, but I must do this first.” These are excuses that we have all used at one time or another and I don’t think it is intended to be an exhaustive list either. (Luke 9:51-62)