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Questions for God

1/7/2018 – 2/11/2018

Hey God! We’ve Got Questions! This sermon series “Questions for God” is inspired by some hard questions that have literally come “out of the mouths of babes.” We will take time to reflect on who we are, where we have been and where God is calling us to go.

Sermons will be added as they become available.

January 7 – Why is it that God chose Jesus to be born into a poor family? – Matthew 25:31-45
January 14 – Can God change people’s minds about how they act? – Matthew 3:13-17
January 21 – Did Jesus Really Make Fishers of People? – Mark 1:14-20 – Guest Preacher: Lynda Jamieson
January 28 – Does God have a purpose for my life? – John 1:29-42
February 4 – Can God help my brother, sister, friend or loved one? – Mark 1:21-28
February 11 – Did you really send Jesus to earth to die for our sins? – Mark 9:2-10, 10:32-34, 10:45

can god change peoples minds about how they act

Can God Change People’s Minds About How They Act?

Our question today is: Can God change people’s minds about how they act? When I hear this question, I hear it in two different ways: First, can God change our minds from doing something that is okay to do to doing something that is even better? Or, putting in another way, can God change our minds from doing something that is okay and within our comfort zones to doing something instead that is outside of our normal routine and comfort zone? Second, can God change our minds from doing something bad and terrible to doing something good? (Matthew 3:13-17)

why was jesus born into a poor family

Why was Jesus Born into a Poor Family?

The scripture that we heard read today is the one that is traditionally read in church on New Year’s Day. It is a challenging teaching to consider as we begin the new year. The people of the earth are standing before the king to face the final judgment, and the judgment they receive is based on how they cared for the poor and needy. One of the things that I get asked from time to time is what I believe about heaven and hell. Underlying that question is the one that is often not explicitly voiced: “How will I be judged?” Or how will my loved one be judged? Am I a sheep or a goat? Where will I spend eternity? (Matthew 25:31-45)