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Stand-Alone Sermons 2016

Here you will find the sermons that were preached in 2016 to stand on their own, rather than in a series.

January 31 – Great Expectations – Luke 4:14-30
February 7 – Visions from the Mountain Top – Luke 9:28-36
May 29 – Proclaiming Justice – Micah 6:6-8, Matthew 9:9-13
June 5 – Sing a New Song – Psalm 96
June 12 – The Spirit Pours Forth – Galatians 5:22-26
June 19 – Thirsty Souls – Psalm 42
July 24 – The Loving Parent – Luke 15:11-32
July 31 – Emmaus Road Prayer Experience – Luke 24:13-35
September 4 – Enslaving our Kinfolk – Philemon 1-25
September 11 – Lost and Found – Luke 15:1-10
September 18 – Bent in Half – Luke 13:10-17
November 13 – Rejoice! – Psalm 100 & Philippians 4:4-9
November 20 – Following Jesus: The Hard Stuff – Jeremiah 31:33-34



Our tendency is to think that joy comes through our circumstances. When things are going well, we are happy, and when life is a struggle, we are miserable. Paul though has found a source of happiness that never fails. Joy has to do with where our lives are focused. (Psalm 100 & Philippians 4:4-9)

bent in half

Bent in Half

Imagine the scene. Perhaps it was something like this: “Here I am late to synagogue this morning, I hate being bent over like this, but that’s been my life for almost 20 years now. Everything takes so much longer to do than when I was younger. My usual routine is to get to the synagogue early on the Sabbath and sit down before most folk arrive but this morning has been a difficult one and I am later than usual. …” (Luke 13:10-17)

enslaving our kinfolk

Enslaving our Kinfolk

It is Labor Day tomorrow in this country, a day to honor the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. And we give thanks. However, in 2015 there were 2.6 million workers with wages at or below the federal minimum, and instances of unethical work practices hit the news all too frequently. We are called to advocate for those who are powerless. Our silence helps to enslave our kinfolk. It is not just what we do, it is what we do not do that also speaks volumes. (Philemon 1-25)

thirsty souls

Thirsty Souls

“As the deer longs for flowing streams so my soul longs for you O God. My soul thirsts for God, the living God.” When I think of thirsty souls, there’s a modern phrase or idea that comes to my mind. And that’s the phrase, a “God-shaped hole,” a hole in the human soul that only God can fill. There’s an emptiness in our lives when God is not it. A yearning for something more. Our restless souls keep searching. And then we try to fill that hole ourselves. (Psalm 42 & 43)

sing a new song

Sing a New Song

We are here today to worship God? Let me ask you: What is worship? The formal dictionary definition of worship is “to attribute worth or respect to someone” and so we come together to give honor and praise to God. And yet as we have heard the term worship is so much richer than that definition conveys. Each of you just now touched on some facet of worship and the way worship connects us to God and to one another. The Psalm we heard today gives us the Psalmists definition of worship. (Psalm 96)