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What If?

What if? That phrase can strike fear in all of our hearts and minds as we consider all the things that could go wrong in our world, especially when it comes to our finances. Security is one of our basic needs, and thinking about all the “what if’s” can cause panic and anxiety when we think about future plans. But what if the “what if” question wasn’t as much about fear, but about possibility? What if when we trust God, then God can do far more with what we give, in our lives and in the lives of others, than we could possibly imagine or do on our own? Join us for our stewardship sermon series, What If? where we’ll be imagining what God would do through us if we would really trust God with what we have been blessed with.

Sep 25 – What if … we reject fear? – 1 John 4:18, Matthew 6:25-34
Oct 2 – What if … everybody did that? – Matthew 6:19-24
Oct 9 – What if … we fail? – Luke 9:10-17
Oct 16 – What if … money was no object? – Isaiah 2:1-4

What if we fail?

What If We Fail?

Jesus can work miracles with 5 loaves and 2 fish. We’ve seen that. We know that. Yet we often fail to claim it for ourselves. Our tendency is to go to “what if” thinking. “What if we fail?” Instead of thinking “What if we succeed?” Erin Hanson wrote a short poem that included this line: “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” (Luke 9:10-17)

what if we reject fear

What If We Reject Fear?

We are going to ask four “What If” questions over the next four weeks as we think a bit more about our stewardship of the resources that God has entrusted to us. Today’s question is “What If … We Reject Fear?” We human beings worry about all sorts of things. What do you worry about?…