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Our weekly worship service is on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. with a mixture of styles of music. At some of our services, our worship is more contemporary in nature, with our music group ReGenesis leading us in a variety of more modern songs. At other services, our worship is more traditional in nature with music from the United Methodist hymnals (United Methodist Hymnal, The Faith we Sing, Worship & Song) led by our choir Joy Unlimited.  Music is an integral part of our worship and everyone who would like to share their musical gifts with the congregation is encouraged to participate in ReGenesis or Joy Unlimited or both. Our worship services normally last between sixty and seventy minutes.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month and all who love the Lord are welcome to come forward to receive the elements, you do not have to be a member of this church to do so. Young and old, gay and straight, male and female, saint and sinner, black, brown and white, all are welcome! Our ‘wine’ is non-alcoholic grape juice, and we also have the option of a gluten-free bread and cup.

You are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable for you. Some of our congregation dress more formally, and others come in t-shirts, jeans or shorts.

The building has several disabled parking spots close to the main building. There is level access to the sanctuary and a ramp to the other buildings. There is plenty of room for wheelchairs and walkers in the sanctuary.

There is a printed bulletin for the service so you know what comes next. Lyrics and any congregational responses are projected on the screen in a large font, so it is easy to follow along, and our worship leaders tell you when to sit and stand (as you are able).  When the music is in the hymnal, then the hymn numbers are also projected, so if you prefer to have the music in your hands, then you can also follow along in the hymnals.

We have a nursery for babies and young children up to three years-old that is open throughout both services and staffed by our wonderful volunteers.

Children and youth come to the worship service at 10.00 a.m. and stay for about 20 minutes including a Children’s Moment led by the pastor. They then have the option of leaving to go to their own age-appropriate Sunday School classes.  In the summer, there are children’s Sunday School classes, and the youth remain in the service.

After worship we gather in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments and conversation.

You can find the latest sermons, and catch up by reading/listening/watching any you missed, on our sermon page. You can also find upcoming/current/past series.