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blessings in each moment

Blessings in Each Moment

Celtic Spirituality is grounded in a way of living that observes and celebrates the ordinary acts and encounters of life. Living the blessing way means living by giving continual praise and thanks for the holy moments in our lives. Today, we are thinking about the rhythms in our lives: our daily rhythms and the rhythms of the season. (Psalm 113:1-4 & 104:19-23)

peter's story

Peter’s Story

Peter was one of the 12 disciples. There’s many stories about him the gospels. He is my favorite disciple: impetuous, eager, bold, faith-filled, he often gets it wrong, but he has flashes of great insight. He was a fisherman by trade, originally known as Simon, but Jesus changed his name to Peter, the rock. Nowadays, many Christians call him St. Peter. (Acts 2:1-21)

pauls story

Paul’s Story

Paul was not always a Christian. Paul used to be known as Saul, and he was persecuting and threatening Jesus’ disciples before his life was totally turned around. And then he ended up offending too many people and he was thrown into prison on multiple occasions. We are going to hear two examples of resurrection instances in Paul’s life. (Acts 9:1-21 & 16:16-34)

john wesleys legacy

John Wesley’s Legacy

After an unsuccessful visit to America, John Wesley returned to London in 1738 discouraged and thinking that he had never converted to God. He wonders if he really is a Christian and whether he has done enough to please God, or in other words. Have his good works and spiritual actions saved him? Not long after his return to England, he has an experience where he comes to a new understanding of God’s grace. (Romans 5:1-11)

anna howard shaws legacy

Anna Howard Shaw’s Legacy

Today, it is Mother’s Day, a day in the US that has some of its roots in an action calling mothers to unite in promoting world peace. So, I thought that we would look at Anna Howard Shaw, a woman who was never a mother herself, but a strong woman of faith who nurtured and encouraged so many and left a strong legacy for us. Anna Howard Shaw, 1847-1919, was the first ordained clergywoman in the Methodist Protestant Church, a Doctor of Medicine, suffrage orator and social reformer. (Joel 2:28-29, 1 Corinthians 14:33-35)

The New Jerusalem

Death can take many different forms. Yes, it can be a physical death, but there are many other ways that drain us of life and steal away our peace. Today’s message is that death has been defeated, that justice does indeed roll down in a stream of love that cannot be stopped. (Matthew 28:1-9, Jeremiah 31:1-6)