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fire drill

April 7 – Emergency Fire Drill

On Sunday April 7, Lake of the Pines is participating in an emergency drill. About 200 emergency vehicles will be arriving in the area at around 8 a.m. Residents of LOP will have the opportunity to participate in the simulated fire evacuation that begins between 9 and 9.30 a.m.  Be aware that the drill also includes staged ‘auto accidents’ and ‘downed power lines.’ LOP traffic will be slow with potential long lines as folk evacuate. Traffic outside of LOP may also be impacted during this time.

Are we still having church at 10 a.m.? Yes, and we will also have coffee and donuts available before the service from about 8.45 a.m. for those who choose to beat the rush and arrive early.

Will LOP residents be able to get church? We do not know!!! We hope so!

What are the options?  

  • OPTION 1: Leave LOP before 9 a.m. and come early to church for fellowship, coffee and donuts.
  • OPTION 2: Leave LOP when you are told to evacuate and then (if they will let you) drive to church at that point or as soon as they release you from any staging points that are setup outside of LOP.  If you arrive after the service starts, then just join us anyway!
  • OPTION 3: Stay home and watch the service online – available from mid afternoon on Sunday April 7. The full service will be available by contacting us for the link or click here to watch the sermon.

How will this affect those living outside of LOP?  We do not know, but suspect that there will be extra traffic on Combie and Magnolia roads, so give yourself plenty of time to arrive or alternatively come and join us before the drill begins at 9 a.m.