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embracing wholeness - spiritual retreat

Spiritual Retreat – Embracing Wholeness

Join us for our All Church Retreat, as we gather together for a time of Spiritual Renewal. Our theme for the day is Embracing Wholeness. Cost: $15 includes lunch and snacks. Contact us to register by February 3.

Led by Susan Kopp, this retreat is based on a mission study book of the same name published by the United Methodist Women. Susan did some extended training and led this retreat three times this summer and it was well received and appreciated.

We will explore together the ways that God has called us to live in covenantal relationship with all of creation and we will be challenged to work towards stronger and healthier relationships with creation, our communities, ourselves, and God. There will be plenty of time to sit and reflect together as we examine the sacred community, our relationship with others, and what the Bible and other theological voices say about living faithfully.