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Children’s Ministry

Youth Ministry


We believe that nothing is more important than kids knowing God and growing in their faith.  No matter how successful we are at reaching parents and kids individually, we will never be able to compete with the life changing potential of families that love God, love one another and impact the world around them.

We believe that the home is the primary place where faith is shaped and nurtured in each generation. We want to offer the support and resources needed for families to experience effective spiritual growth within their own households.

SPUMC offers many opportunities for families to come together and enjoy fellowship, worship and each other.

Throughout the year we hold events that welcomes all walks of life to come join our church family and celebrate.

Whether it be a class on parenting, a Family FUN NIGHT or a COMMUNITY OUTREACH EVENT……Sierra Pines United Methodist embraces all FAMILIES with Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.

Come Join Us!