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A Gift for You…God’s Healing Gift


Would you like to be more open to the Spirit? Know someone who needs emotional comfort and renewal? Are you suffering from grief, loneliness or a lack of energy?

God’s Healing Gift is for you

Is your loved one ill? Are you in need of physical healing? Do you have a friend recovering from surgery? Know someone who is healing from an accident?

God’s Healing Gift can help

Our own Sierra Pines Healing group is here to serve:


A small group of your fellow parishioners who completed training in Healing Prayer and gentle Hands-On Healing. Your privacy is respected with complete confidentiality.


A no-cost 45 minute session of loving prayer, comfort, and optional hands-on. Wearing comfortable clothes, you choose to either lie on our massage table or sit up. You can also be a proxy healee for a loved one who has asked for healing. You may invite a family member or close friend to pray with us.


In Sierra Pine’s classroom #3, or in the hospital or home of someone who cannot get out.


Healing appointments are usually for the 4th Saturday, at either 2:00 or 3:00. Other arrangements can be made for those who are homebound or who have an urgent request.


Because everyone deserves prayer and comfort through the Grace of our Lord! You set the request for Spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental healing – God takes it from there. We are merely the vessels. Many healees say that they feel stronger, more peaceful, guided, surrounded by the love of Christ; and some report minor or major physical healings over days or months.


Please contact us for more information and to request a time. Or talk to Pastor Joan who will get in touch with us.