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all saints day

All Saints Day – bring your photos

Sunday November 1 is All Saints Day in the Roman Catholic Church and various Protestant denominations including the United Methodist Church. This is a time to remember Christians of every time and place, honoring those who lived faithfully and shared their faith with us. It is also Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) in…

children at the well

Hope School Fundraiser – Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in last Saturday’s fund raising event “Children at the Well” to raise money for Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Palestine to rebuild their well.  We especially thank Jim & Jean Strathdee for providing the music for the evening. To date we have raised over $5400. …

Harvest Hope

11/1/15 – 11/22/15
Our November sermon series is entitled Harvest Hope as we experience the beautiful colors of Fall and the joys of Thanksgiving. What seeds are we hoping to harvest, what hope does Christ promise to bring in the age to come, and how is God’s holy presence transforming us now?

11/1/15 – Making All Things New – Revelation 21:1-6a
11/8/15 – One Small Step Scripture  – I Kings 17:8-16
11/15/15 – Give Thanks – Luke 17:11-19
11/22/15 – The Reign of Christ – John 18:33-37, Rev 1:4b-8

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Wesley's Words of Wisdom

Wesley’s Words of Wisdom

10/4/15 – 10/25/15
John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, left us a great legacy in his teachings and understanding of scripture. Join us over the next four weeks as we take a look at what he said in the sermons that he preached about the stewardship of our resources. How are Wesley’s Words of Wisdom as he lived a faith-filled life applicable to us today?

Oct 4 – Career Advice – Luke 13:6-9
Oct 11– Conservation Advice – Leviticus 19:9-10, Luke 12:13-21
Oct 18 – Philanthropic Advice – Mark 10:17-22
Oct 25 – Stewardship Advice – Proverbs 3:13-14

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On the Hook

On the Hook

9/13/15 – 9/27/15
What does it mean … to be a follower of Jesus … to be fishers of men … to be on God’s hook? Nowadays, we use the phrase ‘on the hook’ to mean that we are in a tight spot. In our scripture passages for the next three weeks, Jesus’ conversations with the disciples put them on the spot and leave them squirming. The call to discipleship is a challenging one. It’s a call to take up our cross, to follow Christ, to serve the least, and to not cause others to stumble.

Sep 13 – Who Do You Say That I Am? – Mark 8:27-38
Sep 20 – What Were You Arguing About – Mark 9:30-37
Sep 27 – Trapped – Mark 9:38-50

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