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School House Lessons From Jesus

8/11/2019 – 9/29/2019

  • As we look at aspects of what we learn in our educational lifetime, we are reminded that as Christians we learn some of our lessons from the Bible and specifically from Jesus.  Join with us as we explore what Jesus has to teach us about some of the major subjects and educational disciplines.   Jesus says we all sin, sin comes from the fact that we are human and imperfect, we do not get to judge other’s sin. Even Jesus is Bullied.  Jesus removes the things that keep people from being able to fully live into their “God Callings” and through the power of the Holy Spirit teaches the disciples how to do the same type of subtraction.  Jesus teaches how to share, what everyday miracles are, and what it truly means to be fed. The style of teaching in Jesus’ day was the parable.  What does the parable tell us today?  How can we decode them?  What are our modern equivalent?  What does it mean to build the kingdom?  How do we understand the blueprints?  Strange things happen when we climb to a mountain top with Jesus. How do we take the experience of the mountain top into daily life. Paralleled to how do we take health and exercise into daily life routines in the modern day.  Jesus taught us to multiply instead of just add and to be                       “fishers of  people” Do we take this lesson to heart?  Are we catching any fish?

11-Aug Blessing of the backpacks Sunday        

An Apple for the Teacher- What Jesus Teaches About Sin…      John 8:2-11 & 23-24

18-Aug School Yard Bullies-Jesus welcoming the outcasts…      Luke 4:14-24 &  John 4:5-30

25-Aug Subtraction-Healing Work of Jesus….    Matt. 9:18-26 & Matt. 10:1 & 5-10

1-Sep The School Cafeteria- The Feeding of Thousands….         Matthew 15:32-39

8-Sep   Campus Lectures-Jesus’ Parables for Teaching…           Mark 4:1-25

15-Sep Building Trades- Building the New Kingdom from the Carpenter’s Son…  Matthew 13:44-58

22-Sep PE: Climbing Mountains with Jesus       Matt. 5:1-12 & Luke 24:44-53

29-Sep Multiplication-Have You Caught Any Fish?       Mark 1:14-20 & John 21:1-14

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